Database Utillity

Database Utill is small & compact application written in PHP for getting backup from MySQL database or restore them, this tool can store RAW data from database without converting in charsets or … and its very suitable for persian databases.

This program is under developing now, so it has many bugs or problems. you can help by sending your suggestions or bug reports.

Feature Descriptions

Create backup : Create a backup from contents of selected database and selected tables in DBU File. This item only perform backup from database contents not table stuctures. after backuping is complete you can download the backup file compressed in gzip.

Restore backup : Restore Backups from DBU file, you can Upload DBU file by this tool or restore a local file on server by entering its path on `Local Path` field. current version of database utill supports DBU V0.1 & DBU V0.2 files however they are compressed or not.

Create database : You can create a new database with this option.

DBU to SQL : with this option you can convert your DBU files To SQL queries. you can upload DBU file by this tool or restore a local file on server by entering its path on `Local Path` field. If your DBU File contains unicode contents, check `Make Unicode File` checkbox to add unicode identifier in the beginning of SQL file.

SQL import : This is simple and use full option, with this option you can run SQL queries on database by supplying a SQL file or typing SQL queries in textbox. You can upload a sql file or specify local file path or typing your SQL queries in textarea.

Downloading & Using

Version 0.3 Stable

Download this tool from here.

This tool provided for personal USE only, you dont have permission to upload this tool in payware sites. Redistribution and use of this software or part of this software, with or without modification, permitted except my permission.

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