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Hi all, Since 2005 i have changed my website about 4 times. Now its time to change it again. This time i also started blogging after 4 years of absence. My new website holds my technical pages, photographs & my weblog.

In this new website i used a WordPress and specially redesigned some of its sections with my desire. Before this  website i had a English Website & Persian one. After some time i closed my persian website, because nearly all of my visitors are non persian and the persian website will need updates and maintenance and my time budget is limited at all. So i just continued with my English website.

New website designed with photogallery in mind, the old websites doesn’t have photoblog features very well.  But this website have a nice photoblog features which i need them.

You can contact me in case of any question with contact form provided.


  1. Apoorv May 10, 2014

    Can u please send me the C code required in the chess playing robot .


    • Ebrahim May 19, 2014

      Hi, i am finding the code in my archive and as soon as possible make it available for you


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