Finding a good website that has good and valuable content is hard. I’ve reviewed a lot of websites daily & I feel some of these websites and their contents are of valuable. This page will introduces you to some of these websites and I hope to be helpful.

Iranian Child Foundation

Iranian Child Foundation, a non-profit charity, non-governmental and people’s organizations, with the aim of supporting the needs of gifted students that poverty can be a serious threat, to continue their education.


One of my most visited websites, it host a huge library of aircraft photos. Spotters around the world send their photo’s and they’re moderated with help of its administrators.

Cornell University ECE4760

ECE 4760 is a Famous Microcontroller course in the world. This course is run by Prof. Bruce Land , University of Cornell and they have a website which host ECE4760 course projects. This website contain a good collection of microcontroller projects and documentation’s. Enjoy it.


OpenCores is the world’s largest site/community for development of hardware IP cores as open source. host the source code for different digital HW projects (IP-cores, SoC, boards, etc) and support the users with different tools, platforms, forums and other useful information. Website

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