My New Website

Hi all, Since 2005 i have changed my website about 4 times. Now its time to change it again. This time i also started blogging after 4 years of absence. My new website holds my technical pages, photographs & my weblog.

In this new website i used a WordPress and specially redesigned some of its sections with my desire. Before this  website i had a English Website & Persian one. After some time i closed my persian website, because nearly all of my visitors are non persian and the persian website will need updates and maintenance and my time budget is limited at all. So i just continued with my English website.

New website designed with photogallery in mind, the old websites doesn’t have photoblog features very well.  But this website have a nice photoblog features which i need them.

You can contact me in case of any question with contact form provided.

2nd Place in Iranian Cansat Competition

A CanSat implies a can-shaped mini-satellite which shouldn’t exceed the size of a standard beverage can and weights less than 350 g. The challenge is to integrate all the systems similar to those of an actual satellite into one vessel and launch it with a rocket or from a balloon. The CanSat competition is new to iran and first time held by aerospace research institute of iran. I was head of university of isfahan’s CanSat group and we ranked second in our mission in first iranian CanSat competition.

Update : More Detailed about the CanSat can be found here.

New version of Database Utill Released

The new version of database utill released, this version improves some performances and fixing some minor bugs submitted to me .

You can download version 0.3 stable of this from here.

Database utill is small & lite application written in PHP for getting backup from MySQL database or restore them, this tool can store RAW data from database without converting in charsets or … . This tool specialy created for persian user to provide clean RAW back store/restore on databases without converting charset’s.

Damavand Mountain Exclusive Photo Gallery

I have unforgettable memories with damavand and love this beautiful mountain and mazandaran province which is my home. So i decided to create a photo gallery for damavand mountain, i collected these pictures from internet websites and other resources.

Damavand MountainMount Damavand (In Farsi : دماوند ) also known as Donbavand, is a dormant volcano and the highest peak in Iran with a special place in Persian mythology and folklore. Located in the middle Alborz Range, it is the highest point in the Middle East and the highest volcano in all of Asia. Though not volcanically active, there are fumaroles near the summit crater that deposit sulfur, which were most recently known to be active on July 6, 2007. The mountain is located near the southern coast of the Caspian Sea, in Amol county, Mazandaran, 66 kilometres (41 miles) northeast of Tehran.

Some of these pictures has [HQ] suffix which indicate the picture is high quality. If you want to view high quality images or download them Just click on them.

Note, these images are copyrighted to own authors and non of these photo’s are photographed by me. i will try to find the photographer name and put it on description of each photo. if you find your photo here and you want your name to be published as photographer contact me.

If you have any picture from damavand mount were not exists in my gallery, send it to me via this contact form.