My B.Sc Project – A Software Radio Receiver Peripheral

Recently i have completed my B.S project in University of Isfahan, named “Design & Implementation a Software Radio Receiver for Operating in VHF/UHF/L Bands” which i would like to share the achievement’s and design procedure with other interested peoples. For more information’s about ESDR visit the project page here.


Verilog Hardware Description Language Booklet

Recently i wrote a verilog hardware description language ( زبان توصیف سخت افزار وریلاگ ) booklet for teaching in university courses.

Verilog Hardware Description Language Booklet By Ebrahim Jahandar

Verilog Hardware Description Language Booklet By Ebrahim Jahandar


The book covers the main verilog language titles & some FPGA design guides with verity of examples inside. This book doesn’t cover simulation, synthesis or real FPGA implementation because they are hardware specific and this book intend general verilog language contents. However those hardware specific contents maybe added later to the book. Its in persian language.

You can obtain a PDF copy of this Book here on my website :

Warning : This book is absolutely free and any sales or earnings of this Book is strictly prohibited and and if you found something inform me.