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Personal Information’s

Full Name : Ebrahim Jahandar
Birthday : 15 June 1990
Birthplace : Iran – Mazandaran – Sari

Contact Information’s

Email : e {at}
Website :
Address : Iran, Mazandaran, Sari, Taleghani Blvd, Tavanbakhshi st, First of Shafa St
Postal Code : 48177-16389


Sharif University of Technology
2014 – Computer Engineering – Computer Architecture / M.Sc Student

University Of Isfahan
2009-2014 – Electrical Engineering – Electronics/ B.Sc


University Of Isfahan Flight Simulation Group
2009-2011, Technical & Consultation

University Of Isfahan CANSAT Group
2011-2012 , Leader & Technical Member

National Institute of Elites
2008 – Present


Various Companies
2004 – 2012 Web Developer & Programmer
Design and Programming About 30 official websites for governmental organizations and corporations .

University of Isfahan
Physics Department
2011 Laboratory Equipment Developer
Design & Construction of Laser RPM Measurement Equipment for Optic Laboratory
Design & Construction of Pendulum Timing Analyzer

University of Isfahan
Radar Research Center
From Jun 2013 Software Radio & Signal Processing
Software Radio & Signal Processing for Radar Applications

Professional Qualifications

Web Development
Over 8 Years of Experience
HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Client Side), ASP (VB), PHP, (C#), AJAX
Adobe Flash + Action Scripting

PC Development
Over 7 Years of Experience
C & C++ ( GCC & Visual C 6 ), C++ (.net), Visual Basic 6, Visual C# (.net)
GUI, Console, Networking
MySQL & MS Access Databases

Embedded Development & Digital Electronics
Over 6 Years of Experience
AVR from 2006 , C with AVR-GCC & CodeVision AVR, Simulation via AVR Studio & ISIS Proteus , ( Advanced Level )
ARM7 from 2011 , C with ARM-GCC & Keil uVision & IAR Embedded Workbench
NXP LPC Series, A Little With Atmel AT91 Series, And Now With STM32F1 Series
FPGA from 2011 , VHDL & Verilog with ISE, Modelsim
Xilinx Spartan-3, Spartan-6 , Design & Simulation of SoC Systems
Xilinx IP-Cores: Chip-Scope, Microblaze , DDS, CIC, CORDIC
PC104 Compatible X86 Computer, Embedded Linux, Graphic Working, Ethernet & Some Other IO’s Experiences

RF & Software Radio Experience
Software Radio From 2013 , USRP , UHD & GnuRadio
Gnuradio custom module programming in C++ under linux
FPGA Driven Direct-IF ALL Digital DSB Modulation & Demodulation With Synchronization ( Completed Course Project )

Operating Systems & Embedded Related
Windows Family on PC( 98, ME, 2000, 2003, 7 ), Windows Mobile
Linux on PC ( Redhat , Ubuntu, OpenSUSE )
Linux from Scratch + Kernel Modification & Customization, Buildroot, Busybox, Bootloaders
QT Embedded, Mesa3D, Linux Framebuffer Development, SDL, Cairo Graphics

Aviation Related
Flight Simulators & Their Subsystems
Microsoft FSX & SimConnect API’s
6 DOF Motion Platforms
General Avionics & Aircraft Computers

Analog Electronics
Hobby Experience in Analog Devices
Filters, Amplifiers, Power Supplies, RF Circuits & …
Schematic & PCB Design of Mixed Design

Aldec Active HDL, Xilinx ISE, Mentor Graphic Modelsim,
GnuRadio & UHD
ISIS Proteus & Ares, PSpice, Altium Designer
Adobe Premier, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver
3Ds Catia (little) & Solidworks
Microsoft Visual Studio , CodeBlocks, DevC++
Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 & FS X

Research Interests

Avionic Systems
Embedded Systems
Advanced Linux Titles
Web Related Applications
Wireless Networking & Communications
Software Defined Radio

Awards & Honors

2nd Rank in 10th Young Khwarizmi Festival
2007 – Mechanical Engineering
Chess Playing Robot

2nd Rank in 1st National CANSAT Competition
2011 – Leader , Electrical + Software’s
University of Isfahan’s Cansat Group


Verilog HDL Self-Teach
2011 – Verilog Hardware Description Language Self Teach Booklet ( Used for teaching at University of Isfahan’s Logic-Laboratory )

Completed Projects

The Cansat is Can Shaped Mini Satellite which is Simulating a Real Micro Satellite’s Life Cycles and Workarounds, the Cansat Uses an Low Power ARM7TDMI Microcontroller to Collect Data From Sensors , Analyses them, Saving them and Sending Back to Groundstation.

Embedded Graphic Rendering System
In This Project I built a Customized Linux Kernel and Other Stuffs to Make A Fast & Reliable Embedded Linux Core. The Work Proceeded Under an X86 PC-104 Compatible Mini Computer with CF Memory Storage and Some Sorts of IO. The Computer Has Intel 1.4Ghz X86 Processor & 256Mb of Ram.
The Developed Embedded Operating System Loads in Only 0.6 Second (From Boot loader to Bash).
Also I Implemented A Native Frame buffer Based Cairo Graphics Rendering Suite.
2010 – The Project Was sponsored of Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Company

Chess Playing Robot
This is a Standalone Robot that can Play Chess With a person Physically. This robot utilizes a Magnet Sensitive Chess board which recognizes piece movements, the MCU Core of the robot Calculates the Moves and Send Command’s to Motors to Make a Move.
More Detail is Available on My Website.
2006 – 2007

All Digital FPGA Driven DSB Modulation & Demodulation
The Propose of This Project Was to Demonstrate DSP Capabilities of Xilinx Spartan-3 FPGA’s. The Project Consist of two Sections Which Developed Independently on two FPGA Evaluation Boards. First one is Modulator Which Receives Sound from Music Source and Produce DSB Modulated Signal at IF Frequency. Second Board Samples the IF Signal with Onboard 40Msps A2D. DSB Demodulations Done in FPGA With Assist of Synchronization Section and Finally Produces Extracted Sounds from IF Signal.

Aircraft Autopilot Test bench using Microsoft Flight Simulator
This Project was Final Project of Linear Control Systems Course. An Application Written in C++ Under Microsoft CLI Compiler Which Connects to Microsoft Flight Simulator Using Standard API’s. The Connection Provides Capability to Send & Receive Commands From Microsoft Flight Simulator Which Enables us to Write an Autopilot for Aircraft and Test the Autopilot Behavior in Pseudo Real World With Visual Inspections. The Autopilot Consist A Simplified Control System for Bank & Pitch Control of Aircraft and Manage the Aircraft to Reach Specific Point ant Desired Speed & Altitude.

Persian / Arabic Graphic LCD Text Rendering API’s
This is an API Library which is used for Native Persian Text Rendering in GLCD’s. The Library made Open Source and Published in Internet.

Prayer Times Clock
This is special Clock which designed for Muslim Peoples to Automatically Play Adhan in Prayer Times. The User Just Specify the Date Time & City in Clock Settings and the Clock Calculates the Prayer Times and Play Adhan in Those Times Automatically. The Clock Uses and Low Power AVR Microcontroller and Graphic LCD for Displaying Times and …

Ultra Sonic Air Thermometer
A Thermometer which measure the Speed of Sound in Air And Calculates the Temperature from the Sound Speed & Humidity of Air.

Contactless Laser RPM Meter
A RPM Meter Which Measures the Revolution Per Minute ( And Second ) with Laser Beam and Reflected Beam Pulses.
2010 – Optic Laboratory of University of Isfahan

Sonar Explorer
A Web based AJAX File manager which has similar Web Interface Like Windows XP Explorer.

Web Downloader
Web Downloader is a Web Based Application Which can Download A Website Completely With Server’s High Speed Internet Connection And Zip them, Then Sends the Zipped File To User. This Application Has Various Algorithms and Methods to Collect Web Links and Download Them.

And Some Other Small Projects…

Open Projects or Cancelled Projects

these projects are open and i has been working on them since 2012.

6 Degree of Freedom Motion Platform
The Project Aims to Design & Construct a Laboratory 6DOF Motion Platform. Achievements of this Project Later Will Be Used in Real 6DOF Motion Platforms in Full Flight Simulators. The Project Started with Deep Studies about Flight Simulators and their Corresponsive Blocks and Resulted in a Proposal for this Project. The Proposal Accepted from Aerospace Research & Development Committee But until Now the Project Not Started.

Aircraft Multi-Function Display ( MFD )
This Project Represents a Multi Function Display Unit for Using in Aircrafts. The project consists of Developing Softwares Such as Embedded Real Time Operating System, Graphic Rendering API’s and Main Program of The Multi Function Display. The Software’s will be Hosted on X86 PC-104 Compatible Industrial ( or Military Grade ) PC with 8 Inches LCD Monitors. This Project is Under Study Phase.

BSTN Communicational Protocol & Physical Layer
BSTN Stand’s for BUS Switched Telephony Network. BSTN is Telephony Network which uses Bus Network in High speed for Nodes Communications and Targeted For Large Out-of-Tree Telephony Networks in Organizations. BSTN Has Several Interfaces with Some Other Types of Telephony Networks such as VoIP & PSTN for its Compatibility.
This Project is Under Fund of University of Isfahan , Vice Chancellor of Research .

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