Awards Winning

10th Kharazmi Young Festival :

Kharazmi festival award - تندسیس جشنواره جوان خوارزمی

Kharazmi Festival (` جشنواره خوارزمي `) is Greatest and most important invention festival in iran. it held yearly in tehran-iran. it has two part, main kharazmi festival and young festival. i participated in young festival , with my project Chess Playing robot.

My Project, Chess Playing Robot ranked two in mechanical field among almost 30,000 projects over the country. also i received Kharazmi Festival Statue From Iranian Ministry of Science, Research & technology Dr Mehdi Zahedi and Iranian Ministry of Educating Dr Alireza Aliahmadi.

This success also helped me to entering university without taking university entrance main exam `Konkoor`.



National Institute of Elites :

Bondyad Melli Nokhbegan - لوح تقدیر بنیاد ملی نخبگان

National institute of elites ( aka Bonyad Melli Nokhbegan , `بنياد ملي نخبگان` ) is national organization of finding & funding iranian elites. main goal of this organization is sponsoring iranian elites in their fields and help them grow. this organization directly managed by the government and presidential vice chancellor of science & technology.
I received this organization membership in December 2007 form iranian presidential vice chancellor of research & technology, Dr Sadegh Vaez Zade.



First Iranian Cansat Competition :

First Iranian Cansat Competition - اولین دوره مسابقات کن ست ایران

A CanSat implies a can-shaped mini-satellite which shouldn’t exceed the size of a standard beverage can and weights less than 350 g. The challenge is to integrate all the systems similar to those of an actual satellite into one vessel and launch it with a rocket or from a balloon.

The Cansat Competition is new to Iran and First Time Held by Aerospace Research Institute of Iran.

I was Tranquility Lander Team leader which Participate the Competition from University Of Isfahan And Ranked Second Among Other Teams from the Country in its class. Right Here is CANSAT Statue which we Received as our Award in this Competition. We Participated in Standard Atmospheric Surrounding & Come Back Mission.

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