Ebrahim Jahandar - ابراهیم جهاندار

I am an electrical engineer and working with computers for over a decade. During these years I learned lot about computers, hardware’s, software’s and networks.
Also during these years I learned lots of programming languages and programming techniques. Before going to university I was a web designer. I designed numerous websites and portals for governments and private companies and that was my first job, that was very good business but it wasn’t my passion.

After entering the university all things changed, I put the web designing in my second interest, so I started enjoying my old passion in electrical engineering. I studied the electrical engineering in University of Isfahan and until now I am working as an electrical engineer than a web designer.

In the first years of university program I worked with microcontrollers and digital circuits. Simultaneously, my passion to the aircraft’s resulted me to entering aviation world. I have flown with flight simulators for years and learned lots about the aircraft’s and their internals during these days. The flight simulation world is very impressive and introduced commercial flight simulators and avionics systems to me. Later I created a flight simulation group in university of Isfahan with the help of my teachers and started to research about flight simulators and avionics systems.

As 2012, I became familiar with FPGA’s & Software Defined radios. High speed signal processing with FPGA’s and SDR based communication systems are fine to me, so I started to work in this field, this was a fundamental point in my engineering world, the world of digital and analog communication. I worked a year in the RADAR Research center and later I completed my BS final project in these fields.
I have completed my BS in Electrical Engineering in 2014, after that I participated in national M.Sc. Entrance exam (Computer Engineering which was completely different from my Field). With rank of 26 among 10000 participants, I started to study computer architecture at Sharif University of Technology which is the best engineering university in Iran.

Currently at Sharif University, my research field is about High-speed networking equipment’s (beyond 40Gbps).

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